28th August 2020 Restart News

Following a meeting on Tuesday of the Grassroots Group of the Joint Response Group and a further meeting between General Secretaries of the East and North Regions of the SJFA we would like to bring you up to date with where we currently stand

We have been given dates for the beginning of both friendly and competitive games of September 11th and October 1st; however, these are only INDICATIVE dates, they are not set in stone and are highly likely to shift.

There are several unanswered questions that need to be answered before games can commence.

We are currently not permitted to use dressing rooms and showering facilities and until permission is granted it is difficult to see, with us entering the latter end of the summer and the obvious change in weather conditions how we can begin without them in operation.

Once games begin and as it currently stands, spectators will not be allowed entry, however, that is due to change and we are working towards that end.

We are currently working behind the scenes on a matchday protocol that clubs will need to comply with before permission is granted to stage a game, once these are agreed they will be issued to clubs for them to formulate their own plans. Once we get a more solid agreement to a competitive resumption, we will issue league fixtures

This is all relatively positive news and if we work together then we will gradually get the game back, however, we must remind everybody that we are dealing with a public health issue and that there are legal issues as well as protocols that need to be adhered to and any breaches will be dealt with.


Written on 28 August 2020