2nd November 2020 Graeme Carling NewClub President

Lochee United are pleased to anounce Graeme Carling has accepted our offer to become President of our club. Graeme takes over from Tom McMillan who becomes the club's Honorary President.

Exciting times ahead for the club which will be led by Graeme and Marc Stanton. It was always part of our plan at Lochee to have a succession plan, with Graeme's business expertise and Marc's experience on the football side it was the right time for the club.
Lochee United will benefit greatly from our new relationship with Graeme and his company McGill it is something that will have the club ready for the move into the football pryamid when it comes around for clubs in our area.
Good luck to Graeme, I'm sure he will lead the club on to further success in the years to com.

Written on 02 November 2020